Typography: Digitizing the Works of Newton, Cayley, and Kipling

I’m really into LaTeX (typesetting program). I love watching a document arise from code. I’ve been wanting to work on something other than my physics lab reports. Why not useful works of physics/math? Newton’s Principia, I found, has not been digitized in English. There is a full digital Latin .pdf out there, but only a partial digitization of the English. So, I’m working on that. The diagrams are time-consuming, but I would be lying if I said it’s not fun. Taking measurements and working out the code and seeing something 400 years old in digital format is pretty darn cool.

I’m also working on Cayley’s book on Elliptic Integrals. Very math heavy, but it’s nice to see that math come to life, to look at the difference between ugly code and the easy to read .pdf. Working on both still, but I hope people can benefit from these works.

I also worked on Rudyard Kipling’s If. This was the first serious thing I typeset, apart from my physics lab reports. The ornaments are not of my own design, they all come from the psvectorian package (LaTeX packages provide extensions to LaTeX the typesetting program, such as ornaments and extra typesetting features). It took hours to get the ornaments around the text in their proper positions; I had to constantly refer to tex.stackexchange.com and documentation. I learned a ton though, so it was worth it.